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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Farewell Do #1

Anita & Claudine

Ian & Chippy

Claudine & Dave

Catherine & Claudine

"I can do all the Fast Show characters, you know..."

Proof that mixed marriages can work... even in England.

Meet Clive & Jane

Dave & Claudine again

The boys are feeling blurred...

...lacking clarity

...and even the beer's cloudy

But... Boys + Alcohol + Camera = Perfection

Listen, I am not drunk...

See... Lee & Anne

Roses + Thorn


The Classical pose

Do you know what she just called me?

Gorgeous girls #1

Gorgeous girls #2

Gorgeous boys

More gorgeous girls

And yet more

They just keep comin'

Nice natural pose, Sarah

Clare... and Jammy

Clare, Jammy, Jenny, Mark

Well, hell-oooowww.

We're going to a Land Down Under...

Where beer does flow and men chunder...

Who's the boss?

DJ Dave [Thank you!]

Cavendish Farewell Do

Sorry for the delay in posting these, guys... better late than never.

I love yooouuuu...

No, really, I doooo.

In fact, I feel it in my fingers...


Whatsh thish thing called again?

I must look sober in this one?

Caroline, Francesco & Jimmy

Caroline, Francesco & Emanuella

Caroline, Francesco & Arm

Caroline solo


John, Jimmy & Sue

John, Jimmy & Sue too

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